Saturday, September 6, 2008

first aid please

grrrrr!!! i am really pissed off!

Can anybody help me?

I use "internet explorer" as my web browser and everytime I use it, of course it automatically goes to its default homepage. But unfortunately, it is programmed to as its default homepage and no matter what I do i cannot change it. I tried to go to the Tool Menu of the web browser and proceed to "internet options" to change the default homepage however it wont allow me. I think this is a virus or something. I use AVG as my anti-virus but it cannot detect it.

Anyway, for those who do not know about the website redtube, FYI: it is a PORNOGRAPHIC SITE!!!

Hindi naman sa nagmamalinis but I detest those sites. They are senseless! Irrelevant! Absurd! Ridiculous! Besides, I am not the only one using our pc, my younger brothers also use it. SEE? It won't be a good thing at all.

So, is there anybody who could help me to fix this out? Anybody?

I'm tired of constantly reformatting our computer, any options out there? I'd be glad to know.

Thank you!


M.I.M.O.T said...

agoy! i love the photo! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF AN EXTREMELY PISSED OFF WOMAN.. nice nice! ka relate ko dai! coz all throughout this year? ahaha no! hmmmm months? weeks? days?!!! whatever! i was so pissed off to someone... hay dont mention it! i think you know who im thinking of... pero personal ah. about whats going on...(unsa daw?) haha pakkkkkkkkk sunggo!

bitaw pero imoha computer mani. porno pajud ahahaha.. tagam! karemember nuon ko da officemate sako ate porno ang virus ahahaha...

unya uki na?

ayo2 dai... mwah :)

nice na eu blog dai weeee