Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Purpose Driven Life

I am currently reading this book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. In fact, I've already recognize this book some quite time already since we (my family) own TWO of this which was given to my mother as a present and i believe this book was broadcast in the media before. I've heard loads of positive criticism about this book especially when it first came out in the public but I didn't bother paying attention on it. I was still too shallow that time about things and life and not that mature yet. Besides, i'm not into reading books that much. A bookworm as they say. However, just lately i've took notice on it. My life is different now, a lot has change, even me personally. I am pretty deep-seated now and a great deal of queries and/or uncertainties on life that i want to uncover. Like what's my purpose here on earth? Is there really life after death as what some other people say? What is life? Who am i? How to be contented in life? blah...blah..blah...Those sort of questions, i guess. As I bother reading this book
this time, lots of things i have discovered. Somehow it opened me to perspectives i never thought i could. It is indeed a life changing. The way I see my life now is different from before. It is much better and full of hope. Thank you Lord! You never cease on making things better for me and for each and everyone of us.


Anonymous said...

taka lang ka, not much into reading ka jan, basin kalimot ka na ur the gurl whom i used to know na always had this handy da vinci code during enrolment. hmmmmmp well, i like the way you put your thoughts into words, sa imo ra ko ning liwat heyt, unsa man ni akung blogging influencer oi hehehehhehe

Anonymous said...

nindot kaayo nga book. isa sa akong mga favorites.