Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Final Analysis

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Purpose Driven Life

I am currently reading this book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. In fact, I've already recognize this book some quite time already since we (my family) own TWO of this which was given to my mother as a present and i believe this book was broadcast in the media before. I've heard loads of positive criticism about this book especially when it first came out in the public but I didn't bother paying attention on it. I was still too shallow that time about things and life and not that mature yet. Besides, i'm not into reading books that much. A bookworm as they say. However, just lately i've took notice on it. My life is different now, a lot has change, even me personally. I am pretty deep-seated now and a great deal of queries and/or uncertainties on life that i want to uncover. Like what's my purpose here on earth? Is there really life after death as what some other people say? What is life? Who am i? How to be contented in life? blah...blah..blah...Those sort of questions, i guess. As I bother reading this book
this time, lots of things i have discovered. Somehow it opened me to perspectives i never thought i could. It is indeed a life changing. The way I see my life now is different from before. It is much better and full of hope. Thank you Lord! You never cease on making things better for me and for each and everyone of us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho ho ho...

Friday, December 19, 2008


I am not suppose to write anything about marriage stuff because on the first place I don't have any special someone right now...u know the "L-O-V-E" thing. And yet somehow i'd like to talk about it for the reason that I was asked by my friend yesterday of what is really the real purpose of marrying someone? And..and...and... Holly cow! in the middle of the conversation i was stucked. It puzzles me up to now. A lot of things are going through my mind right now and it only mystifies me more. Is it really essential for couples to get marry in the long run? Does it take marriage for couples to be really serious and responsible for each other? Can't they be hell serious and loyal without getting married? Is marriage for legalities sake only or just owning someone that he or she is yours? Is love like that? Owning someone? CAn anybody out there help me clear things out. Though I'm not in a hurry, but i'd like to have it cleared. Do I sound desperate? funny though..=)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I had a blast of trips last week. A lot of unexpected scenes came and to top it all, it was all MEMORABLE!

Who would expect that last friday I went to BUDA, boundary of Davao City and Bukidnon - just a bit of info, with some of my classmates. It was totally startling (lol) because we supposed to have a class to attend 5 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening but we opt to go there! lol I did not intend to miss the class because we agreed to come back at school before 5pm strikes but unfortunately we missed it. However, it was still worth it because we had so much fun and on our way home we got a news from our classmate that they just met with our instructor just for awhile, no quizzes andor seatworks at all! weeeee...we are lucky indeed! yeah! yeah! lol

BUDA - was a place to be, a little BAGUIO as what some Filipinos say.

The next day came and it was SATURDAY! And that means, it was Pearl's Wedding DAy (my dear friend)! I went to Marbel, Koronadal City, together with my vivacious friends Molit and Chai. It is a 4-5 hours drive from Davao City so we woke up early in the morning and took the first trip going to Marbel at the bus terminal. I was still a bit groggy on that time since i only have 4hours of sleep and that is not enough for me. However, i have to. It's pearl's wedding anyway and it will only happen once in her life (i hope so with God's blessing, ayt?) so why not sacrifice a little.


Monday, November 24, 2008

beautiful people

angel, me, ron and chie

chai, me and molit

As I journey in my so called LIFE, a lot of different faces and diverse personalities I have already

met. Some of them were cool, mad, strict, understanding, calm, composed, arrogant, aggressive,

charming, kind, SPO's (Sexually Pre-occupied), happy-go-lucky, keen, messy, and other

countless persona. But one thing I am proud to say despite all the anguish that has been and is

happening in my life, I have these PERPETUALLY RELIABLE and UNCEASING

SYMPATHETIC friends that I have met. They are those people whom I can say a "part of the

good side of my life's journey". They have no idea how THANKFUL I am to have them

especially when everything feels like falling apart. That is why I wont be tired of saying

"THANK YOU" to them every moment I could. Though sometimes I am a little bit freak and

occassionally having "blank stares", don't worry I am still wide awake and ready to listen of what

you have to say. Your opinions are so welcome yet still at the end of the day I am the one who

decides. It is good to hear your opinions because it only shows that I am important to you and you are to me. Thank you Ronelo Sugcay, Angelita Orolfo, WElarchie Remoreras,

Rosavi Montero and Molit Haidee Ociones for all of your support and unwavering help. It is not

enough to say thank you, but this time that is all I can give but mind you,


Thank you guys!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rose Awards

Thank you so much for the roses, Dylan! ♥

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And here goes..


Thursday, November 20, 2008

drawing scandal

I was amazed when i saw this movie clip from my friends cellphone and he gave me an idea to

search it online, probably at "you tube". I was hoping it was posted there and fortunately they

have it!

It proves that people have great talents and endless will to discover more talents within

themselves. Though this clip has some grin stuffs, it still is a good one. It is funny yet real great.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

learning the hardest way

For this past four years I've been through a lot of situations that i thought I could not endure and unfortunately it took me these quite long years to realize the main CULPRIT of those tough and intricate situation. Most of you do not have even the slightest idea what has been happening with my life even my closest friends but one thing I can say "It was ultimately a heck of a torment and still it is!". It is not over yet but I'm dealing with it. And you know what suck is, it is I all the while was the focal cause of this what I call "SHIT" in my life...and you know what? It is because I forgot to LOVE myself. I just allowed everything to shatter me into pieces and blow me apart. One thing I earnestly learn about this whole drama is that "You have to love yourself first before loving anybody". It may sound ordinary but I bet it is true, 100%!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


* "Kung hindi mo mahal ang isang tao, wag ka nang magpakita ng motibo para mahalin ka nya..

* "Huwag mong bitawan ang bagay na hindi mo kayang makitang hawak ng iba."

* "Huwag mong hawakan kung alam mong bibitawan mo lang."

* "Huwag na huwag ka hahawak kapag alam mong may hawak ka na."

* "Parang elevator lang yan eh, bakit mo pagsisiksikan ung sarili mo kung walang pwesto para sayo. Eh meron naman hagdan, ayaw mo lang pansinin."

* "Kung maghihintay ka nang lalandi sayo, walang mangyayari sa buhay mo.. Dapat lumandi ka din."

* "Pag may mahal ka at ayaw sayo, hayaan mo. Malay mo sa mga susunod na araw ayaw mo na din sa kanya, naunahan ka lang."

* "Hiwalayan na kung di ka na masaya. Walang gamot sa tanga kundi pagkukusa."

* "Pag hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo wag ka magreklamo. Kasi may mga tao rin na di mo mahal pero mahal ka.. Kaya quits lang."

* "Mas mabuting mabigo sa paggawa ng isang bagay kesa magtagumpay sa paggawa ng wala"

* "Pakawalan mo yung mga bagay na nakakasakit sa iyo kahit na pinasasaya ka nito. Wag mong hintayin ang araw na sakit na lang ang nararamdaman mo at iniwan ka na ng kasiyahan mo."

* "Gamitin ang puso para alagaan ang mga taong malalapit sa iyo. Gamitin ang utak para alagaan ang sarili mo."

Monday, November 3, 2008

BAd health

My laboratory results last week were not in good condition. I am immunocomprise. It really made me worried even up to now. I need to combat this condition. So while i was trying to find some solution for this on the net, it led me to this article below.

Boost your body’s immune system
Super foods help combat an assortment of ailments
By Cheryl Embrett

One of the best prescriptions for good health is also one of the easiest to follow: watch what you eat. Every day, new studies prove that eating the right foods regularly can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, banish the blues and increase energy and vitality. Here are 10 nutrient-packed “super foods” that should top everyone’s grocery list.

1. Broccoli
This is one mean green! Broccoli is chock-full of the phytochemical sulforaphane, which makes headlines because of its potent anti-cancer properties. It’s also a rich source of beta-carotene (good for the eyes and immune system, among other things), fibre and vitamin C.
Toronto registered dietitian and author Liz Pearson was so convinced of the health benefits of this “King of Cruciferous Vegetables” that she called her first book When in Doubt, Eat Broccoli! But Leave Some Room for Chocolate (Penguin Books, 1998). For fast, easy and delicious ways to add vegetables — including broccoli — to your diet, visit
5 to 10 a day.

2. Blueberries
If you haven’t gone blueberry picking since you were a kid, here’s a reason to start again. In a peer-reviewed study of 100 common fruits, vegetables and nuts in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, these blue jewels had one of the highest antioxidant capacities (the ability to combat cell-damaging free radicals that can lead to heart disease and cancer). And, like cranberries, blueberries appear to fight off urinary-tract infections by preventing E. coli bacteria from sticking to cells in the urinary tract.
John Stanton, president of the
Running Room Canada, says he always starts his day with a big bowl of fresh fruit, including blueberries when they’re in season. “It’s light, it’s healthy, and then I’m ready to run.” For more on the power of blue, including tasty recipes for everything from wild blueberry chicken breasts to blueberry sorbet, check out Wild Blueberries.

3. Flax
“Ground flaxseed is the one thing I make sure I eat every day,” says Mairlyn Smith, co-author of The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan That Still Leaves Room for Chocolate (Whitecap Books, 2002). Smith says flax is a great source of both soluble and insoluble fibre (which makes it a natural laxative) as well as plant lignans which may reduce the risk of developing hormone-sensitive cancers, such as prostate and breast cancer.
Flaxseed is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to protect against heart disease. Smith eats a flaxseed muffin or sprinkles a tablespoon of ground flaxseed on her cereal every day. For more information on the health benefits of flax, including delicious ways to cook with it, visit the
Flax Council of Canada.

4. Garlic
Since ancient times, physicians have used the “stinking rose” to treat health conditions including heart disease. Garlic contains allicin, a phytochemical that may lower cholesterol and make blood platelets less sticky, cutting the risk of clots.
In Mississauga, Ont., naturopath Rana Singh swears by the immune-boosting, cold-fighting power of the humble garlic bulb. He recommends chopping or crushing two or three cloves of fresh, raw garlic and adding them to whatever you’re eating.
For information on the health benefits of garlic and great ways to cook with it, visit
The Garlic Information Centre and Garlic Sleuth. (Note: Consult your doctor before including more garlic than is customary in your diet.)

5. Green tea
Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants, which may protect against cell damage that leads to aging and help prevent heart disease and cancer. Green tea contains a polyphenol known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), which in animal tests has been shown to prevent the formation of tumors. Researchers at Purdue University found in laboratory tests that EGCg killed human breast cancer cells but did not kill non-cancerous human breast cells.
Paulette Bourgeois, author of the Franklin the Turtle series of kids’ books, drinks green tea several times a day. “It’s not only healthy, it’s soothing,” she says. For more information on the health benefits of tea, visit the
Tea Association of Canada.

6. Skim milk
“The one food I consciously remind myself to consume and monitor regularly is milk, since I know that I may not drink enough of it in the course of my regular routine to keep my bones strong,” says food writer and cookbook author Dana McCauley.
She’s not alone. Most women don’t get enough calcium, and one in four white women (the rate is lower in black and Hispanic women) will develop osteoporosis. Studies have found that increasing your calcium intake can also help relieve the symptoms of PMS.
To meet your daily quota, reach for three servings of milk or milk products. After a tough workout, make it low-fat chocolate milk, advises McGill University fitness coordinator Jill Barker. “It has the requisite amount of carbs and protein needed to promote optimal recovery in the working muscles.”
Visit the
Dairy Farmers of Canada for more tips on adding calcium to your diet.

7. Salmon
Fresh or canned salmon is one of the best sources of the celebrated Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent heart attacks. Studies have also shown that Omega-3 may have the ability to offset depression as well as protect against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.
“I try to eat salmon twice a week, as do my kids,” says nutritionist Rosie Schwartz, author of The Enlightened Eater’s Whole Foods Guide.

8. Soy
Protein is one of the nutrients that most women don’t get enough of. They should have a protein-rich food every three to four hours during the day to keep energized, says dietitian Linda Barton.“Soy is perfect since it’s a plant-based protein that’s low in saturated fat.”
Soybeans and soy protein products — including tofu, miso, tempeh and soy drinks — also contain phytoestrogens that may slow the growth of some cancers, lower cholesterol and offer some protection against osteoporosis. Visit the
Soyfoods Association of North America for more information and recipes.

9. Spinach
When asked to name one of her favourite super foods, Toronto registered dietician
Leslie Beck praised spinach. It’s loaded with energy-promoting iron and folate, a B vitamin that prevents neural-tube defects in the fetus. It is important in red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, growth and cell division. The leafy green is also one of the best sources of lutein, an antioxidant that benefits eye, skin and cardiovascular health. For more information on the health benefits of spinach, visit

10. Tomatoes
Research has found that tomatoes, especially cooked or processed ones, can lower the risk of some cancers and heart disease. Experts attribute this to lycopene, a potent antioxidant and the pigment that makes tomatoes red. A Harvard University study found that men who regularly ate tomato-based foods had lower rates of prostate cancer.
“We love tomatoes,” says Diane Clement, who founded the popular Tomato Fresh Food Cafe in Vancouver. She and her husband, Dr. Doug Clement, start their evening meal with their favourite tomato and bocconcini cheese salad. “The juicy tomatoes, loaded with lycopenes galore, are the perfect healthy jumpstart for any body,” she says. For more nutrition facts and recipes, visit
California Tomatoes.

I might try some of the foods enlisted above. I think it will surely help!

All Souls Day

November 2, 2008 SUNDAY - I, together with my family went to Bansalan, Davao del Sur to visit our relatives who already died at the cemetery .It was about a year or two already that I haven't been to Bansalan because of my hectic schedule since I opt to study nursing. Given that it is a tradition for Filipinos to visit the tombs of their loveones every 1st and 2nd day of November, I traveled there joining my family.


(left pic)sleeping mogie (cute), (right pic) seated at the back: kuya waldo, ate nikki, me

AT BANSALAN, DAVAO DEL SUR (@My aunt's crib)

(Left pic)nitukar, (right pic)Alde Family

(left pic)I'm her aunt but i want him to call me MOMMY., (right pic) gihagwa mi ni Lola

Happy Mogie

WAY BACK TO DAVAO ( Scenes only in the Philippines)

(left pic)people loaded truck, (right pic) sari-sari store sa bahay

(left pic)traffic jam! ang 2 way street naging one way street, (right pic)tugway og kanding

(left pic)BIG family sa gilid ng kalsada, (right pic) overloaded

tricycle for hire

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hazel Lou means...

What Hazellou Means

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.

Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.

Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic “Type A” personality.

You are incredibly wise and perceptive. You have a lot of life experience.

You are a natural peacemaker, and you are especially good at helping others get along.

But keeping the peace in your own life is not easy. You see things very differently, and it's hard to get you to budge.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.

You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.

At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.

And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life.

You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

Tag tag tag

Weeeee Thanks to MIMOT for this tag of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She got this from Fara a.k.a Bobidom..To support this awareness, follow the rules below aight! :D

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog ~ (done!!)

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How To Stay in the Present Moment

Thoughts spin out of control some days more than others. Sometimes we fret about the future, worry about our lives or those we care about, get stuck revisiting old wounds or concerns.

You could say we have too much wind in our heads when our monkey mind takes over. What is the monkey mind? The part of the brain that swings from branch to branch without stopping.
Have you ever had one of those days when you are totally stuck in your head? Most of us do. These are the days we stub our toe (again), hit our hip on the same kitchen counter and overall are extremely clumsy.

The trouble for most people is not being present.

The present moment is the moment of power. The 'now' awareness is the time in which everything occurs.

Step 1:
Tap yourself. Every-time you find your mind skipping in to the future or taking a trip down memory lane when you should be having an in body experience, tap yourself. This will be your cue to return to
what you are doing.
You can use this as a meditation technique as well. Here's how:
Assign your right hand to be the future. Your left hand represents the past. Take 5-10 minutes and sit quietly. The goal is to remain in the present moment. Every time your mind leaves the present, tap yourself gently with the corresponding hand.
It's an interesting exercise to see how long you can be fully here now or if you are like a drummer from a rock band.

Step 2:
Focus on the breath. Focusing on your breathing is the simplest way to stay present. Your breath does not hold onto the last nor does it anticipate the next. It only knows here and now.
Watch your breath from different places. Here are some ideas:
1) Watch your breath from your back body. How much of the breath can you feel along your back?
2) Watch your breath from the nostril point. Do not follow the breath in and out of the body but rather as Stephen Levine in the book Gradual Awakening suggests, "Watch the breath like a guard standing at a city gate."

3) Follow your breath up and down your spine.
4) Watch the breath from the front of the body.

Step 3:
Focus on a body part. Bring your awareness to different parts of the body and allow yourself to feel that part. For example, bring your awareness to your hands. Can you feel the tingling sensation of blood circulation there?
This can be applied to other parts of the body as well.
Feel the sensations your body is giving. Some of the things you could feel are: sensations of warmth or coolness, tingling, discomfort, etc.
There are many other techniques you could use as well. Hopefully the above ideas will help you get started.

We must realize the past is dust; a memory of what we believed or perceived to have happened. As the future has not yet occurred, it, too, is evasive; not here, not now. The greatest gift you can offer yourself and others is full presence. Why not start to be here fully today?
Tammy Lawrence - Cymbalisty

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

take note

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Artsy, Crafty

I have this passion... the gusto... of making arts and crafts. IT started when I was still a kid. A lot of creative ideas just popping out on my head. I just love colors, lines, and the art itself. It delights me! It is one of the pursuit of my HAPPINESS.

Last September 2008, I had my duty at a certain Rehabilitation Center here in Davao together with my colleagues. It is our responsibility to plan different activities for each day for 3 LOooooNG weeks. So redundancy of avtities is a NO NO. (Lord tabang!) We were all pressured because it was our first time there and it was our first time to be exposed with psychiatric patients. So perhaps their were a lot of "first" on that instance. Feeling anxious, stressed out, uneasy, disturbed and whatever i think were all just NORMAL.

Planning for the activities was a big challenge for us and "ei! We're not directors, party organizer or whatever! How the hell could we do this?" This were the words I thought of during our first exposure there. sigh*

However, as we planned our activities and divided our task, I was assigned to be the overall in-charge for the decorations. Well, I was glad by then because I have so much enthusiasm of doing it. lol

Below are the pictures of our decorations during those memorable times.

Of course, everything has an end. So a scrapbook will be a good thing to make to recapture all the good moments we had. And in behalf of our group, I personally made this one.

It is my real honor to have made this one. Thank you guys for trusting me. =)

BRavo! Bravo! Pwede nata mangapply sa ABS-CBN! hahaha