Sunday, October 19, 2008

Artsy, Crafty

I have this passion... the gusto... of making arts and crafts. IT started when I was still a kid. A lot of creative ideas just popping out on my head. I just love colors, lines, and the art itself. It delights me! It is one of the pursuit of my HAPPINESS.

Last September 2008, I had my duty at a certain Rehabilitation Center here in Davao together with my colleagues. It is our responsibility to plan different activities for each day for 3 LOooooNG weeks. So redundancy of avtities is a NO NO. (Lord tabang!) We were all pressured because it was our first time there and it was our first time to be exposed with psychiatric patients. So perhaps their were a lot of "first" on that instance. Feeling anxious, stressed out, uneasy, disturbed and whatever i think were all just NORMAL.

Planning for the activities was a big challenge for us and "ei! We're not directors, party organizer or whatever! How the hell could we do this?" This were the words I thought of during our first exposure there. sigh*

However, as we planned our activities and divided our task, I was assigned to be the overall in-charge for the decorations. Well, I was glad by then because I have so much enthusiasm of doing it. lol

Below are the pictures of our decorations during those memorable times.

Of course, everything has an end. So a scrapbook will be a good thing to make to recapture all the good moments we had. And in behalf of our group, I personally made this one.

It is my real honor to have made this one. Thank you guys for trusting me. =)

BRavo! Bravo! Pwede nata mangapply sa ABS-CBN! hahaha


Anonymous said...

Great Job!

You're too creative girl.. I really love your ideas.. ahehhehe..

I love colors, arts and crafts too..

Keep up the good work..