Friday, October 3, 2008

the day september ends

I started the day with a prayer and praying to God to make this day a good one for me and most especially to my dear friend Molit. It's her birthday, so it should be her day! And of course, i texted and greeted her "happy birthday" before anything else had happened on that day.

This day was all we were looking for together with my classmates because we were going to have our night party with our medical instructor Dr. Audan. It has been two years with my classmates when we last went out. See? That's how busy we Since we have a party, i was thinking what will i wear. I want to look good and feel good in view of the fact that this only happens once in a while. Then i thought it would be better if I cut my hair on that day since i already planned it cut for a long time. I even made an article on this blog about my hazy plans for my hair. So I've decided to go to a salon and let them take over with it. (Was that the right word to say? "take over?" whatever!) I was a little bit apprehensive because I'm afraid that I might look bad after the cut because every time I go to a salon I usually have my hair straightened or "relax"/"rebond" as what it is called here in the Philippines and I was doing it for 6 years already. And that time, I was only planning to have it plainly cut. No relax or rebond at all. SO I really felt quite anxious about what will be the result because it has been already a lenghty of time since I have my natural curly hair showed off. And after minutes of sitting on a salon chair, here's the result...


What do u think??

I know some of my friends were shock when they saw me. ("Nabag-ohan daw sila..hehe") However, I was expecting those reactions and it's normal. I know time will come they'll get use to it. It's my new look and I feel good about it! Some people might not like it but who cares, it is my Nasa nagdadala lang yan..hahaha

Anyway, let's carry on! After the salon thing, I went home. I waited for Jay my guy bestfriend to arrive. He told me he'll come over at our house because we have a lot of stuff to requirements, party preparation and evrything. Atlas! thanked God, he arrived! We have to work double time since time was running out. After this, he still have to go home and prepare his self for the party and as for me, I have to make "habol" with Molit's bday celebration and auspiciously, I was able to get there though they had finish their dinner But I don't mind, what's important was I really tried my best to greet Molit personally and meet again my friends as well (syempre mga special people gud..special child ba). It was really a hectic afternooon and evening as well.

After seeing Molit and my friends, my priority was to get there at Joke Hall (as our venue for our party) on time. Yet before that I had to eat since I wasn't able to eat with Molit's small dinner party. So I had a quick eat at Mcdonald's, accompanied by Chai and Pinsan Opaw my dear friends. Afterwards, we parted apart then I proceed immediately to our party! It was a very fun and memorable night. Everybody danced on the stage, laughing at each other, just savoring the moment. It was indeed a night to remember. A lot of talents were shared from our group without any hesitations. Everybody was on always on the game, which made it so COOL. Here are some pictures during the party.

whole class BSN SP4a with Dr. Audan

an impromptu dance...waaaa..w/ ron and chie

I hope there will still be another night like this with the whole class. It is one way of releasing our stresses at school. It was indeed a PARTY TIME!!! love you guys... isa pa ha...;-)


Bojoy said...

wOw kulot! \(~O~)/ ngayan ka haZe.. unta nkita tka persOnal with that hair.. hehehe

-mOlit- said...

Hi dai.. what tah hair..hehe.. nice cya dai.. mao zud nay hair na natural..hehe.. thanks kaayo ky maski grabeh kalisod imo schedule ng effort zud ka to see and great me.. sorry wala naka naka eat... next time bawi nalng ko puhon... hehe

wow.. enjoya sa enyong nyt oi.. mao nay party..! padayon sa paglambo dai.. hope to be with you soon.. luv yah dai..mmwwwhhh...amping permi :)

M.I.M.O.T said...

dai. ingon ana nalng imong hair angayan ka. ayaw pa pag sigeg relax kay kapoy diba ana ka before kapoy naka. ana nalng dai kulot uso naman pud na karon. nice dai promise wa char!! ayaw na pa straight ah. ana nalng jud dai

Anonymous said...

sakto gyud ka haze. "nasa nagdadala yan." padayon lang sa imong pagkanatural. kasi, iba ang natural!! hehehe. murag ako man nang nabag-ohan haze.hehe.

Bitaw, who cares!! you are unique. the hell with them if they don't like.wahehehe. cge mao lang to.

miss you. mwuah