Tuesday, November 18, 2008

learning the hardest way

For this past four years I've been through a lot of situations that i thought I could not endure and unfortunately it took me these quite long years to realize the main CULPRIT of those tough and intricate situation. Most of you do not have even the slightest idea what has been happening with my life even my closest friends but one thing I can say "It was ultimately a heck of a torment and still it is!". It is not over yet but I'm dealing with it. And you know what suck is, it is I all the while was the focal cause of this what I call "SHIT" in my life...and you know what? It is because I forgot to LOVE myself. I just allowed everything to shatter me into pieces and blow me apart. One thing I earnestly learn about this whole drama is that "You have to love yourself first before loving anybody". It may sound ordinary but I bet it is true, 100%!


-mOlit- said...

as in.. mao zud dai.. agree zud ko na love your self always....aja dai.. those "ShIT" will always be part of life as what I say your good in dealing it..hehe.. mmwwhh.. luvs yah dai..

Chai said...

"love yourself first" is indeed a common line. but we tend to totally forget it at some point in time. especially when we are handled manipulatively by someone who is too interested with her/himself without even giving a little consideration of your feelings.

only God knows how, when, and why. Get it?

do you find my comment weird? hehe.

sabta nalang kay ako pud wala pud ko kasabot.hehe

Anonymous said...

i got it chai.
sometimes we are too overwhelmed by our feelings to somebody and we tend to forget our own self. It is like, nothing matters but that person. sigh* and it is a bad thing because too much of anything is not good at all.