Monday, November 24, 2008

beautiful people

angel, me, ron and chie

chai, me and molit

As I journey in my so called LIFE, a lot of different faces and diverse personalities I have already

met. Some of them were cool, mad, strict, understanding, calm, composed, arrogant, aggressive,

charming, kind, SPO's (Sexually Pre-occupied), happy-go-lucky, keen, messy, and other

countless persona. But one thing I am proud to say despite all the anguish that has been and is

happening in my life, I have these PERPETUALLY RELIABLE and UNCEASING

SYMPATHETIC friends that I have met. They are those people whom I can say a "part of the

good side of my life's journey". They have no idea how THANKFUL I am to have them

especially when everything feels like falling apart. That is why I wont be tired of saying

"THANK YOU" to them every moment I could. Though sometimes I am a little bit freak and

occassionally having "blank stares", don't worry I am still wide awake and ready to listen of what

you have to say. Your opinions are so welcome yet still at the end of the day I am the one who

decides. It is good to hear your opinions because it only shows that I am important to you and you are to me. Thank you Ronelo Sugcay, Angelita Orolfo, WElarchie Remoreras,

Rosavi Montero and Molit Haidee Ociones for all of your support and unwavering help. It is not

enough to say thank you, but this time that is all I can give but mind you,


Thank you guys!


-mOlit- said...

halu dai..your always welcome ...:)

"You'll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end."

Chai said...

Pastilan haze!! kahilak man sad ta og jolen ani oi. tagoktok sa salog. ahahaha. pero ok lang nah oi. kinsa pa man diay lain magtinabangay, diba kita lang man gihapon? mga libog og utok.wahahaha.

molit, paki-explain and elaborate sa imong quote beh. is it related to what hazel called a "blank stares"?hahaha. PEACE haze.

i love you, mwuah!!

itsallaboutronelo said...

charmus ginamus .. welcome day... humanda ka, mubalos ko hehehe

wanderer said...

hala oi, e special mention jud? kahilak kug lapak, but anyway, the message is well conveyed. humanda ang way mga blogs, dili paubanun sa tibungco

Anonymous said...

grabeh, makahilak man pud ta ug dugo ani oi. hhuhuhuhu hehehehehe