Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love names

Romeo once claimed that a name did not mean anything much, and that a rose would smell just as sweet if it was called by any other name. Modern day lovers however would beg to differ. There is quite a lot of importance attached to a name in the first place and a love name (names that lovers put for each other), is only even more crucial to the relationship. So why is a love name so special? Well, another word for a love name is a nick name. Putting a love name for your special someone, gives you sole authority to call him or her the same. Couples agree that putting special names for each other brings an air of informality and closeness in the relationship, while simultaneously making their emotions for each other stronger. Girls, it is found tend to put names that often have no meaning and are just syllables, but which are cute sounding to the ears. Guys, on the other hand, tend to put shorten the names of their partners and use that as a nick name, or stick to the more conventional ‘darling’, or ‘sweetheart’. Love names are often put elsewhere too. Parents often put a love name for their children, and even friends do that for each other. All in all, a love name gives you a certain freedom with the other person, and calling each others nick names in public only reveals how close you both are. There are websites to help you out in case you cant think of a suitable love name for your partner or friend. Choose from long lists of names to bring a special touch to your relationships. You might need some short love poems in order to feel more and then get romantic.