Sunday, September 7, 2008

what men should know about women and relationships!

Getting nervous around women all the time- When you are nervous she will feel strange in your company. You see because being around women is all about how confident and secure you are about yourself but when you get nervous in such ways it's quite obvious that you are not even comfortable in your skin.

Feeling that you might lose her as she is too good for you- This is something most average men go through when they actually do get to be around a highly attractive woman. You see this kind of thinking does mean that you are insecure about yourself and the very fear of losing her would make you push her away and you will lose her anyway. Therefore learn to control yourself and forget about the outcome.

Being jealous of other guys- Again this only means that you don't think you are good enough for her and you fear that someone else might steal her away from you due to which you feel jealous of other guys. You see the moment you lose this feeling of jealousy her chances of leaving you will completely diminish.

How you make them feel- Women are always in the look out for males who can really make them feel good about themselves. You must make all possible attempts to make her feel good about herself because the more she feels good about herself in your company the more she will like you.

A man who has a vision
- It is often said that money matters a lot to women which might be true to a certain extent but what really matters to them is the vision. What they truly want to see in a man is the vision. They want to be with someone who knows where he is going rather than someone who is stumbling through life trying to find his way out.

Not being a good listener- This is one thing women complain about all the time. A lot of men out there feel that they are right all the time and are simply not willing to listen. This is one aspect women simply can not stand as they want to be with someone who understands them rather than someone who argues all the time over small matters.

Being way too needy and desperate- This is another thing which completely turns females off. You see they want to be around someone who can make them feel good instead of someone who feel bad about himself all the time and is always asking for approval and seeking attention.

They behave the way you train them
- Well it might sound strange but the fact of the matter is that women behave the way you train them to act in other words if she rejects you then you did something which lead to such an outcome. If you say the right things at the right time, with the right body language and the right set of words there is absolutely no way she would ever dare to reject you.

Trigger her emotions- This is what you should be able to do if you really want to get the kind of woman you want. You should be able to get them emotionally involved with you. You see unless a woman will get emotional with you there is absolutely no way she would ever consider you for anything. She should never get dry feelings around you; Always remember that if she is emotionally dry around you she would never be with you.
Make her feel secure- This is another trait every woman desperately desires in her man. You should be able to make her feel secure not only physically but emotionally as well. She should get a sense of security around you as that's something which will really get her into you.

Make her feel good about herself- This is one point which is extremely important when it comes to the matter of really getting her to want you. You should have the ability to make her feel real special about herself when she is in your company. You see we all love ourselves more than we love anyone else. Therefore if you can make her feel good about herself she would be willing to be around you more and more.

Spend time with each other everyday- This is the very first key towards building a healthy relationship which survives in the long term. People have become so busy with their work nowadays that they do get into relationships but don't have enough time to spend with their partners. No matter how busy you might be you must take out some time each day from your schedule to spend with your mate.

Keep it fresh- This is another very important factor you must consider in order to keep your relationship healthy and fresh. You must add something new into the relationship everyday by doing something different. You see the reason why most relationships end is due to the fact that after a while it gets boring and there is nothing much to know.

Give your partner the right amount of space when needed- As much as a relationship is about being with each other it is also about giving each other the required amount of space at times so that your partner does not feel bondaged all the time. There needs to be a perfect mix of everything to really keep the relationship growing instead of dying together. It is often a good idea to encourage each other to take some time apart alone such as letting them go out with their friends once in a while.